Trail Cleanup
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Trail Cleanup Day and

Trail run for Group 1 

June 11th, 2022ay 

It's that time of year again where we get some gloves and work boots and get to work! Our annual cleanup event is coming on June 11th.

The Mount Baldy trail is our adopted trail system and we travel up there every year to help the Forest Service keep it clean not only for us, but for any other users as well.

This is one of our biggest events of the year because it helps keep our motorized trails in that area open for everyone to enjoy!

Before we head up, we will be meeting at the Parking Lot of Saint Paul's Catholic Church at 7:45-8:00 A.M. to sign the volunteer sheet and to get instructions from the Forest Service on where we'll be concentrating our efforts. We always have trash to pick up, but there will likely be some other tasks that they will want us to do while we're up there. Trash bags will be provided by USFS.

If you have a pickup truck you may want to bring it. We have been told by Teller County Public Works that they will come and pick up the trash we collect and take it off the mountain. So, we'll be required to consolidate our pile(s) to one to three specific areas so it will be easy for them to pick it up. That may require some people to act as trash "runners" to take it from the cleanup sites to the main area. Let us know if you can help with this.

Jim Jenista will be trying to do some graffiti mitigation with the help from a couple people from Focus on the Forest. He may need a few individuals to help with that so get with him at our meeting time.


Be prepared to do some fencing as well if the USFS has a specific area they'd like us to help with. We have done some of this in the past and it makes a big difference in keeping people out of areas they aren't supposed to be. USFS employees will be scouting the area this week to see if there are some specific things they want done and will pass that along.

We will have lunch at approximately noon and it will be provided by Jimmy John's. Water will be available as well. If you would like something else to eat or drink, please bring it with you. Since we are providing lunch, an RSVP will be very helpful for us to determine how many lunches we will need. IF YOU COULD PLEASE RSVP to the Facebook event post with how many will be attending that would be great!

One last thing, the T-shirts we ordered have finally arrived! If you paid for a T-shirt at the kickoff meeting, this would be a great way to get your shirt(s)! We will bring them along and will likely hand them out at lunch.

If time permits, we will be running the Mt. Baldy trail after lunch for whoever wants to go up there. It is a Group 1 trail but it does have an exposed edge on a shelf near the end. The trail ends at about 11,800' and has amazing views from up there! Trail leader will be Jim.

We hope you will consider joining us next Saturday to help keep our trails open!


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