Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers

Next Event

Unified Camping and Group 1 and 2 trips


Our next event will be a unified camping trip combined with a Group 1 run to McAllister Pass and Group 2 trip to Holy Cross


Camping will be near north of Camp Hale at open camp sites on the north side of road 703 (Homestake Reservoir Road).  This is a primitive site but there are other organized camp grounds nearby as well including Camp Hale Memorial Campground.


Group 1 will meet at the McAllister Pass trail head at 9:00. Your leader will be Glenn Hess.


Group 2 will meet at the Holy Cross trail head at 9:00.  This trail is VERY DIFFICULT and you should be an experienced wheeler with a very well equipped rig.  Your trip leaders will be Glen and Dave.  If you have any questions regarding this trail please email Glen or Dave.


(If you are new and would like to join the club, print out the Registration Form and the Liability Waiver from the Useful Forms page, fill them out and bring them with you to the meeting place along with $40 cash or check).


We look forward to seeing you on one of the trips!

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