Christmas For Kids

Christmas for Kids (CFK) 2021

In November or December, we will support the Christmas for Kids event.

According to DHS, the numbers of kids eligible for gifts have tripled or quadrupled due to so many families falling on hard times with COVID-19. We need to step up this year!

The kids in the program typically fall into these categories:
1. Kids that are in foster care.
2. Kids that are in DHS custody.
3. Kids with custody from another family member that's not their parents.
4. Families with low income and on food stamps.

What we are asking you to do is to contact Kirk Bode and let him know how many kids you'd like to purchase gifts for. It is suggested that you spend about $30 per child. I need to get the number of kids our club would like to sponsor to George Cerbasi with Bighorn 4x4 ASAP. He is heading up the event this year.

Again, all Kirk needs is a commitment from you to let him know how many kids we'll sponsor. (Multiples are encouraged!) We'll pass along the details in the weeks to come.

So please consider blessing some kids in our community that really need something to look forward to this Christmas season!

Thank you!


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