Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers

Camping and Group 1 and Group 2 trips July 10th and 11th

On July 10th 2 we will have camping and on the 11th we will have both Group 1 and Group 2 trips.


Group 1 will camp on Medano Pass and will do the Medano Pass trail.  Camping spot will be close to the trailhead for Medano Pass.  The group will depart from the trailhead at 9:00 and your leaders will be Glen and Kirk


Group 2 will camp near the trailhead for Blanca Peak.  The group will depart from the Blanca Peak trailhead at 9:00.  Your leaders will be Pete and Dave.  NOTE:  If you plan to go on the Blanca Peak run, please let Pete know.  Either call or email him or respond to his request on our Facebook page.


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