Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers


Breakfast at Faricy and Group 1 and 2 trips

May 30th, 2020ay 

After careful consideration we have decided to cancel the trips for May 30th.  


Faricy is not in a place where they can sponsor a breakfast for us and stay within Colorado guidelines for group events.


We understand that this would be the first local event of the year but in light of that fact, we would expect a large number of folks to participate.  This would violate the State's request that we keep group meetings UNDER 10 PEOPLE.


We are sorry for the inconvenience that this causes for your schedules but we hope that you are understanding of our stance on this.  


The trails are open although the trail up to Mount Baldy may still have snow (we were unable to confirm).  Eagle Rock is supposedly clear and available if you choose to go in a small group.  


Again, we apologize for the inconveniance that this may cause you in your schedule but please be patient with us as we try to do the right thing during this Covid situation.



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