Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers

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Trail Cleanup Day Canceled

Trail runs for Group 1 and 2 instead

June 13th, 2020ay 

The US Forest Service is not ready for us to do a trail cleanup at this time.  Instead, we will do Group 1 and Group 2 trips and will pick up trash as we come across it. 


Please read the membership note at the bottom of this page.


Group 1 will do Mount Baldy trails and Jim, Dan and Michelle will be our leaders.


Group 2 will do Eagle Rock trail and Ward and Glen will lead.


We will meet at the Parking Lot of Saint Paul's Catholic Church at 8:00AM and break into small groups for the trails.


CSC4W Members:

This has been a very different year so far for everyone - including this club. As most of you know, at our annual kickoff meeting is when we'd usually collect all of the forms that we require for membership and would take membership dues at that time as well. Since we weren't able to hold our kickoff event as planned we haven't collected any of those forms or dues so far. Now that we have decided to start our season, we will need to start to collect those items.
Our dues over the last decade have been $40 per FAMILY, per year. The dues this year will remain the same. However, we understand that since our season has been shortened due to cancellations and finances may be stressed, we decided to modify our required membership dues this year.

If you would like to join our club for 2020, you may pay UP TO the full amount. If you have been unaffected financially so far this year, we encourage you to pay our regular dues. But, since this season is shorter or if your finances are tight, we are going to leave it up to you to decide what you are comfortable paying. If you have been hit especially hard this year but would still like to join the club, then we would be happy to extend your 2019 membership (or new membership) through this year with no payment. As a reminder, state and national association dues will still be collected on every member we have whether or not they pay. As has been the case for many years, our club only collects $10 of the $40 dues.

Please keep in mind that to join the club, both our Registration Form and our Liability Waiver must be filled out and signed.

The forms are available on our club website, Our Registration Form and Liability Waiver can be found under the "Helpful Forms" tab under "More" on the upper right of the home page. Please print them out, fill them in and either bring them to an event, or mail them. We can accept cash or check made out to "CSC4W".

If you plan to attend our first trip this Saturday, it would be a great time to give us your signed forms and payment (if applicable). It will help GREATLY if you can bring your forms already filled in to the event! If you cannot attend Saturday, (or an event in the near future) you can mail in your signed forms and payment. Please PM me and I'll let you know the address to mail to. If you don't have a way to print out the forms, no worries. We'll have extra forms ready to sign at our upcoming events.

A note to those that are first-timers or just checking out our club:
You are welcome to come on a trip with us to see if it's something your interested in or would like to see how we do things before you join. There is no pressure. No forms or payment is required for you!

Just FYI - there is an optional form that you may choose to fill out that is under the "Helpful Forms" as well. It is the Inclement Weather Form. If you would like to assist us this winter in giving rides to nurses and other health care providers during severe storms when travel by normal vehicles would be difficult, please sign the form and return it. Our club has been providing this service for many years and we know the local hospitals appreciate our efforts!

Thank you all for your patience with us during this time. We hope to have a great rest of the season and hope to see you out on the trails!






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