Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers

Metberry Gulch
Metberry Gulch
Hackett Gulch
Longwater Gulch
Hackett Gulch

Our first event of the year will be on May 11th, 2019.


We will start with a free breakfast at 8:00 at Perkins Jeep in Motor City.  From there we will travel to the Cedar Mountain Gulches and will break into three groups.  Group 1 wheelers will be able to do Metberry Gulch or Longwater Gulch.  Group 2 Wheelers will go to Hackett Gulch.


Perkins is a great sponsor for the club every year so come out and enjoy free breakfast.  You are welcome to breakfast even if you do not plan to wheel with us.


It is  fun time on the trails because the Gulches offer a variety of wheeling challenges.


Jim and Dan will lead the Metberry Gulch run

Kirk and Glenn will lead the Longwater Gulch run

Ernie and Eric will lead the Hackett Gulch run.


Come and have fun with us.   


Unified Trip

May 11th, 2019

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