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Colorado Springs Christian 4 Wheelers, Inc exists as a club to allow for wonderful times together in off-road activities with fellow believers. The association began in the spring of 1993 with the belief that we are to invite our neighbors and co-workers to join with us in any of our events so that we are involved in reaching out to other members of our community.

As Christians, we desire to always uphold the law in regards to such things as: obeying the speed limit, staying clear of no trespassing or posted areas, staying on the trail when so marked, packing it in and packing it all out, adhering to the national Tread Lightly program and state organization of 4WD clubs.

Our desire is to help each other and our fellow man at all times. We want to be model off-roaders. God has created a mighty work of art in the Rocky Mountains. Every Christian needs to be balanced in life with their spiritual self, family, work, and recreational activities.


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On June 25th, join us for breakfast at Perkins Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and then one of three trips:


Group 1 will do Rainbow Falls trails


Group 2 will do    Judgement Bowl Off-Road Park in Trinidad, Co.


Group 3 will do trails in Montrose, CO.


Details and the trail difficulties and departures can be found here

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Micah 4:2 states, "Come, let us go up to the mountains." We all need times of refreshing: the mountains, streams, and wooded hills to remind us of the promises of God and of how faithfully He provides. Let's go up -- see it, hear it, breathe it in, experience it, and most of all feel it. Who knows? It may help change you forever!

Trail cleanup was a big success.  We had a great turnout including our friends from Colorado Four Wheelers.  Trail runs afterward were fun for all!

Colorado Springs Christian 4 Wheelers, Inc.


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